Choose from our many exciting kid’s birthday party packages like Music and Art or Science for toddlers and preschoolers,  Cooking Parties for ages 3 and up and Spa Parties for the older crowd,  just to name a few!

About Our Classes -  It is often said that imitation is the highest and most sincere form of flattery.  We are VERY flattered!  Mini Music and Messy Art, Kids Night Out and Cooking are just a few examples.  To find out why our classes and events are so popular, and what makes us unique, we ask that you visit our beautiful studio.  Learn why we have chosen to use home-made, non-toxic art supplies.  Ask why we use natural ingredients in our Cooking classes, and why we chose our beautiful bamboo floors over carpets.  We don’t just believe in a healthier environment and sustainability - we practice it!  This is one of many differences at TLGT.

Create a custom party or rent our studio starting at $200

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